Polish Liquid Gas Association

Benefits of membership 


  • Access to industry information from Europe and the world through POGP partner organizations
  • Ability to publish information about activities undertaken through the POGP website and social channels
  • Ability to initiate and participate in industry trainings organized by POGP


  • Opportunity to participate in the work of POGP's substantive committees
  • Influence on the shape of positions prepared by POGP
  • Ability to initiate industry projects under the POGP banner


  • Company presentation on POGP website
  • Possibility of using the title of POGP member
  • Ability to use POGP patronage in educational and promotional activities undertaken 


  • Access to newsletters and analysis produced by POGP
  • Access to experts working with POGP
  • Participation in meetings of statutory bodies and networking events organized by POGP

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