Polish Liquid Gas Association

Our goal is to support members and educate the market

The Polish Liquid Gas Association is an organization of employers involved in the purchase, bottling, distribution of liquefied petroleum gas, as well as the production and trade of equipment for its use, whose primary objective is to protect the rights and represent the interests of its affiliated members and the industry before the authorities and state administration, local government bodies, labor unions and other organizations.

Our experience

26 years of tradition

POGP was founded in 1996 and has been actively involved in the life of the fuel industry ever since. The Organization's members are production and trading units engaged in the purchase, bottling and distribution of LPG, as well as the production and marketing of equipment for its transportation, storage and operation. Since February 2020, the subject of POGP's analytical activity is also LNG.

POGP is a member of the World Liquid Gas Organization (WLPGA) and Liquid Gas Europe.

Our priorities

The Polish Liquid Gas Association focuses on the following areas

Safety of liquefied petroleum gas users
National energy security
Decarbonizing the economy and improving air quality
Pregasification: elimination of gas white spots on the map of Poland

Objectives of the Polish Liquid Gas Organization

  • Involvement in the exploration and development of new applications for liquefied petroleum gas, including renewable origin.
  • Activities to ensure the safety of products and services supported by technical, commercial and environmental expertise.
  • Supporting free enterprise, competing fairly and ethically within the framework of existing laws.
  • Working to respect the rights of workers, ensuring decent and safe working conditions. 
  • LPG education as an economical and ecological fuel that is friendly to people and the environment.
  • Presentation of organizational and technical problems of the industry to the institutions competent for the issues of liquefied petroleum gas infrastructure, and above all, involvement in the creation of optimal technical and legal solutions for the development of applications of liquefied petroleum gas as an environmentally clean energy carrier.
  • Promoting responsible and sustainable employer engagement in the liquefied petroleum gas business, taking into account safety, health and environmental issues.

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