POGP presidium for the term 2023-26


On December 5, 2023, the Plenary Meeting of the Polish LPG Organization was held, closing the 2020-2023 term. During the meeting, POGP members elected a 10-member Bureau for the next 3-year term.

Ewa Gawryś-Osińska was elected Chairman of the Organization, having served in this role since November 2022. Jarek Król, newly elected to the Presidium for the term 2023-2026, became Vice-Chairman , while Ireneusz Popiol, who will hold this position for the fourth time, will remain Treasurer .

The new faces in the POGP Bureau will be Jarek Król, Piotr Karczewski and, representing the autogas segment, Katarzyna Rutkowska.

The full composition of the Presidium of the Polish LPG Organization is currently as follows:

  • Ewa Gawryś-Osińska - Chairperson,
  • Jarek King - Vice Chairman,
  • Ireneusz Popiol - Treasurer,
  • Michal Faliszewski,
  • Piotr Janic,
  • Piotr Karczewski,
  • Robert Koscielny,
  • Cezary Kwella,
  • Adam Lewandowski,
  • Catherine Rutkowska.

The POGP Bureau will face a number of challenges in the coming term. Among them are cooperation with Liquid Gas Europe on the organization of the European LPG Congress in Poland in 2025, cooperation with public administration on the transposition of directives from the Fit for 55 package, and spreading awareness of the environmental benefits of LPG and bioLPG in the conversion of heat sources from coal to gas and transportation from traditional fuels to gas.