I-MAXIMUM Ltd. offers comprehensive design and technical services covering turnkey LPG and SNG gas installations. The company specializes in the selection of industrial vaporizers and gas mixing systems - SNG blenders (LPG and air; biomethane and LPG; natural gas and LPG). 

I-Maximum's team of specialists has 20 years of experience in installing LPG vaporizers (more than 500 units) and SNG mixers (more than 10 units). I-maximum is the official distributor of the Korean company Korea Gas Engineering (KGE) in the European Union. KGE is a leader in the production and sale of LPG vaporizers in Ukraine and Asia.

Korea Gas Engineering(KGE) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of LPG vaporizers and SNG mixers, serving more than 30 countries worldwide, such as the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Poland. In twelve years of operation, KGE has produced more than 4,000 LPG vaporizers and more than 30 SNG mixers. KGE's production facilities are ISO 9001 certified, and its LPG vaporizers are CE certified, meeting the requirements of the PED and ATEX directives in the European Union.

The company also provides support services during system use, offering advice on equipment selection and providing optimized solutions.

I-Maximum's range includes vaporizers of four models:

  • KWV series - water-based, with circulating water circulation
  • KEV-SR series - electric with water bath
  • KDV series - electric dry
  • KBV series - Indirect Fire gas with water bath (indirect process of vaporizing the liquid phase of LPG by heating the heat exchanger (glycol) with a flame from a burner in a closed combustion chamber).

In addition, we offer blenders:

  • Blender model KRM - automatic blending of synthetic natural gas (SNG)
  • Blender model KVM (Venturi principle) for synthetic gas (SNG).

The production period is 45-70 days.

I-Maximum's equipment is CE (PED, ATEX) certified.

The company offers service and technical support for the operation and maintenance of our equipment.

More than 30 countries around the world have already become convinced of the excellent quality of KGE equipment.

The company's vaporizers have already been successfully installed in Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Ukraine. In just 5 years, the company has sold and installed about 400 LPG vaporizers in Ukraine: KBV series - 70 units, KDV series - 40 units, the rest are KEV-SR series vaporizers. Also in Ukraine, 8 SNG mixers have been installed.